Dream Big Entertainment LLC.

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Count Me In
Framing Hanley (A Promise To Burn)

For your entertainment needs, our professional and quality sound will provide you with an event to remember. In order to ensure an unforgettable event, we also specilaize in event planning. In addition, we are well connected and have a broad network base. We look forward to doing business with you.

                                                                                                                                                                   -DreamBigEntertainment Management-

Lazer light show In Pattison Tx For the 4th of July 2012

Susan Hickman
Toys for Tots in Clear Lake Tx.




Church Events

Social Events

Private Parties

Election parties


Rebals Honky Tonk in Houston Tx.
Six Gun Sound.


For any Grounds Dream big for Quality Sound!!!
Freedom Festival in Pattison Tx 4th of July 2012.
Dale Watson!

We at Dream Big Entertainment LLC. believe that all dreams are possible.  If you Perceive it, Believe it, you can Achieve it.  That's our motto and we stand behind it 100%. Dream Big Entertainment has been in the music industry for a number of years and is dedicated to meeting all of your entertainment needs. We have engineered shows for many bands and artist, along with doing fundraisers and helping out where needed. We have an elite group of members that take the time to set up the perfect event for all of your entertainment needs.

 Dreams don't come easy and hard work and dedication are key aspects to making these dreams reality. Dream Big Entertainment LLC. is to inspire those future believers of these dreams that they do come true.  Not only is Dream Big about artists but the entire music industry, starting from making or engineering your own insturmental/ beat to matching that perfect sound with your own lyrics.  We have a great team of producers and artists who will take the time to work with you on a personal basis to fulfill your dream. 

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